The Tropical Science Center is conformed of 46 associates from different disciplines that constitutes the Assembly. The same elects a Board of Directors that is in charge of overseeing our organization. Also, our work team is found in the central office and in the wilderness reserves.

Our associates

Our associates (actually 46 members):

Our Board of Directors (2016/2017) is formed by the following persons:

President: Ana Báez Rojas Vice-president: Sonia Cervantes Umaña Treasurer: Cynthia Córdoba Serrano
Secretary: Vicente Watson Céspedes Committee member 1: Jaime Echeverría Bonilla Committee member 2: Manuel Ramírez Umaña
Committee member 3: Moisés León Azofeifa Fiscal:Amos Bien Schneider Fiscal Substitute Randall Arauz Vargas

Our work team

In the Tropical Science Center we work for nature and the human being:

Central Administration::
Carlos Hernández, General Director.
Laura Mairena, Financial/Administrative Manager for the TSC.
Damaris Chaves, Head of the Project Management Unit
Vicente Watson, Technical Coordinator environmental Regency, APM Terminals project

Monteverde Biological Preserve:
Carlos Hernández, Director of the MCFBR
Yoryineth Méndez, Head of the Investigation Program and Assistant Director of the MCFBR
Geiner Alvarado, Head of the Protection Program MCFBR
Alexander González, Head of the Visitor Attention Program MCFBR
Mercedes Díaz, Head of the Environmental Education Program MCFBR
Lilliana González, Manager of Marketing and Director’s Assistant
Jairo Méndez, Manager of Accounting and Financial Sector
Alan Pounds, Investigator In Residence for the TSC

Los Cusingos Bird Refuge:
Mario Mejía, Administrator of the Dr. Alexander Skutch Bird Refuge “Los Cusingos”