The Monteverde Preserve is immersed in a cloud forest and is our best-known living laboratory.

Its 4,125 hectares hosts valuable species such as the Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno); some uncommon amphibians such as the Ring-tailed Salamander (Bolitoglossa robusta), the largest in Costa Rica and the Highland Dink Frog (Diasporus hylaeformis) scarcely 6 cm. long. It is also a refuge for the Tayra (Eira Barbara).

Besides the 13 kilometers of trails dedicated to the tourist, [see]t offers facilities for investigation: management of permits before the National System of Areas of Conservation (SINAC) and the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, field assistants, the Alexander Skutch Laboratory where samples can be organized, weather stations and monitoring plots. Also there is lodging, study rooms, library and internet.


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Additional information Monteverde Preserve.
Rooms 12 rooms with private baths
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